Do you have questions? We’ve got answers.

Why we are the ideal partner for companies businesses ans individuals ?

Because we offer to companies, businesses, and individuals trained and certified, each in his specialty, which is the subject of an upgrade professional whenever the business he or she exercises required.

What relationships we maintain with our employees?

Relationship strictly professional. These are cordial, and we are open to all the problems that our employees are likely to encounter during their missions to serve our customers.

What qualifications have your employees?

We have agents specialized as:

  • Security guards
  • Agent SSIAP
  • Agents Embarked on yachts
  • Agent of moved closer protection
  • Drivers of safety
  • Hostesses of safety
  • Agents video surveillance
Our services are expensive?

Our costs are adapted to each situation, each business and each of our clients budget. This is not overcharging our customers whatsoever that we will demonstrate our professional qualities. This is not because our clients are mostly “off financially” that we will increase our bills.

We adapt, and we know study the needs of our customers to avoid oversizing their needs and thus avoid overcharge our services and interventions.

To conclude our reply, please know that we are transparent about this and that all evidence will be provided billing on request.

The bonus for our customers, whether a business, a business or an individual, is that choosing Sécuryfrance to take over a service which no longer satisfies, we take the contract they with this service in a less costly, and we take our staff if future clients and staff of this service agree, otherwise we will provide the staff required by our future customer.

What scope do we operate?

We operate from Menton to Saint-Tropez, but we ensure the safety and protection of our customers everywhere in France and in the world at their request.